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woojuyu asked:

Hi! This is totally random, but I suddenly got curious.. why is Jang Wooyoung your bias? :) He is my bias too and I probably know your reasons but I just want to know what you'll say because I'm curious how you see him.. Hope you'll reply when you have time.haha :)


"Why do I like Jang Wooyoung"

(or a very long essay with multiple off-topics)


Oh… where do I begin? It’s like, there’s no particular reason, and then there are thousands of them. I guess it should be pointed out with the whole background story, because before becoming a Hottest, I was a sworn Cassie, stanning DBSK for years, totally ignoring all the other groups out there. I was actually in Korea when 2PM debuted, but to be honest, I was so into DBSK and Mirotic back then, I couldn’t tell apart 2PM and 2AM lol.

My friend introduced me to 2PM in 2009 in I Hate You era, and I wasn’t really all that serious about it, I simply enjoyed Wild Bunny, and used it as a form of entertainment and for Korean education. There was not a single member that would catch my eye in a flash. I only knew Taecyeon better, because my friend was flailing over his English (ever since he said “A bus, that’s a bus not a bed” in Hot Blood lol). So it was a totally new experience, simply watching entertainment program, and not bothering about biases, fandom and all that.

Step 1. Oh? That kid is kind of fun…


His opening sequence to Jay’s Interview on Wild Bunny ep. 2. The thing that caught my attention was the way he was speaking and I was like… Oh… The kid’s kind of fun… And of course, he had to “moonwalk” into the studio -_-;;

And he had the glorious glorious black hair in Wild Bunny days.


I have a black hair fetish, and this was before Heartbeat, so naturally, I thought… Oh… nice…

Then end of July 2009 came, and a whole hell broke loose in DBSK campus which I got tired of after a few weeks. Mostly because of the fans actually. I still like them boys, but for me DBSK is 5, and even though I support them separately, it’s not the same. I was still moping over DBSK when one hot day in September I received a text message from a friend about Jaebeom’s MySpace incident. She was like, I can’t believe he’s leaving!! D:

My first thought was, well, I would leave too, with all the stupid internet comments and what not. But since I wasn’t that much into 2PM yet, and still butthurt over DBSK, I didn’t give it much of a thought. I think I really got into 2PM in October 2009. DBSK was inactive, I had class again, and I was bored… So what did I do. I backtracked on Idol Army Season 3.

Step 2. Oh? His legs are interesting…


Yep. It wasn’t to the extent that it is now, (omg jang wooyoung proportion god with godly thighs omg), my initial thought really was: “interesting legs”… I’m actually the person who digests everything at a slow pace, but even then I did register that his legs were different…

By the late October I was already a full-fledged fan, waiting for the comeback in November. To be honest, I must be a weird fan, because I was curious to see how they were going to pull it off without Jay. I’m always interested in wrecked line-ups, I’m curious to see, who’s gonna sing whose parts, how the choreography’s gonna change and all that. I guess I’m weird. So when Heartbeat MV came out, I was like… Oh, nice… *slow reaction* To be honest, back then I had a problem differentiating between Taec and Chan, because of the identical style… Well, everyone goes through the n00b phase, what can you do.




And ever since then, thanks to my friend, I launched into the part of fandom, I’ve never even dreamed of getting to - the KOREAN part. It was so different from the DBSK fandom days, because I had no exposure to Korean fandom due to my inability to write and speak Korean. With 2PM, I ventured into the other side lol. Then in March 2010, I applied for the translator “job” at 2PMalways, and here we are…

So why do I like Jang Wooyoung?

I honestly don’t know. Blame it on the horoscope because he’s a Taurus, and I’m a Cancer, and they say it’s a perfect match lol.

I like him, because he looks like the guy from the street. The kind you can actually meet just around the corner.

I like it, that he’s not pretty pretty, but at the same time really charming and handsome.

Perfect proportions that are rare to find on a Korean, and that even Leo da Vinci would study.

Sense of humour.

I don’t think he’s cute in a sense that everyone’s raving about. I think, I would actually even kick him from time to time if I were to know him personally, because he seems to be the type who makes annoying comments, and it just makes you wanna strangle him.

His dancing.

His singing (he should do it more :/).

And, probably, the most important thing. Maybe it’s just me, and perhaps I just like the image I have created in my mind, but he gives away a kind of an earthy feel, which puts the person at ease. They say he’s a hardworker who worries all the time, but the way he stands firmly on the ground and works towards his goals is definitely admirable.

A friend of mine from Cassie fandom used to say, there is a different Jaejoong for every single Cassiopeia out there. I guess my own Jang Wooyoung is very different from what he really is, but I like the image in my mind, and I’m grateful that he’s out there, allowing me to create that image. I like the entertainer Jang Wooyoung, and I honestly don’t care whether he sleeps with yellow boxers or has three spoons of sugar in his coffee every morning… He probably doesn’t even drink coffee. Just stretches.

Oh, and his hands.


I really love how you describe your feeling to Wooyoung. Well said ^^~





look!!! remember people they already have a tokyo dome concert and asia tour with LIVE BAND. allkpop article once said that 200 idols pick 2PM as the best performance boygroup because they performance quality is high; dance, vocal, expression, everything. this is where you’ll see why JYP appa trained them military style in Hot Blood. :)
proud hottest!!!



It’s all good, because it’s a hater’s job to hate and there are plenty of people who are working overtime.


I would like to know, who decided on the rules and criteria for a person to be a fan of be a Hottest?


Who of you out there was put in charge of who can be a Hottest? How one should be a Hottest? How to act if you’re a Hottest? Who of you was put in charge of people who have tumblrs dedicated to 2PM? What they should or shouldn’t post? How to post? How often to post? How to comment? How to tag?…

I feel the same too >.< This ‘world’ getting complicated day by day

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