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a few of many reason

First, Hottest must watch this video 

It makes my eyes teary for real ;———;

Here is the translated part of that video


1st part - shows clips from different eras of 2PM :)

2nd part-
6 reasons why it’s only 2PM all day

1) Even if it’s just one more fan to hold hands with, one more fan to meet eyes with.. Jang Wooyoung, the member who takes effort to greet even it it’s just one more person.

2) Even if he’s just in the background, Ok Taecyeon, the member who gives out a “V” sign, pretending that he doesn’t know his fans are taking a picture.

3) For the sake of fans who feel sorry that it’s the end of the concert, Nichkhun, the member who remains on the stage to greet and bow to fans.

4) In the places that we are and even in the places that we can never imagine, Hwang Chansung, the member who always shows that he is thinking of us.

5) Even much more than how we understand their hearts.. Lee Junho, the member who sincerely considers us all, one by one.

6) In the day that they were the ones supposed to receive the greetings and congratulations, Kim Minjun, the member who worked hard in finding all the members to record a video which he would show to us. 

cr to video owner
caption trans by @purletpunk

It has been six years with six wonderful men. A lot has happened over the years, and a lot of things have changed. I’ve watched six boys grow up, and I couldn’t be any more proud of the group I stan today. I’m also truly and sincerely thankful for the people I’ve met on the way. It’s been a pleasure meeting new people and enjoying something we all love and adore together. Even when the time comes for me to leave the Hottest fandom, I definitely won’t forget my time as a 2PM fan. Happy 6th Anniversary, 2PM. ♡

(Source: 1400hrs)

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